Stephanie Olson

Guatemala July 19-26 2020

$1,950 remaining
$1,050.00 raised to date
35% of $3,000 goal

Service Trip to Guatemala

In July 2020, I will be joining a group of dedicated volunteers on a one week service trip to Guatemala. We will be providing professional development training for local educators in Guatemala City in a garbage dump community and Chiquimula, Guatemala. Unlike my coworkers in Illinois, these teachers have little to no access to training and resources. As a team, we will strengthen the bridge between our two communities as we  provide some simple tips and instruction to the teachers as we support and expand their skills to help their own community. I became interested in going on a trip after I watched my sister's involvement with Ingage change her life.  The excitement she showed before her previous trips, along with her descriptions and photos she shared after the trips,  inspired me to take the leap to join a trip myself.  I now find myself both excited and nervous about the trip.  Will I raise enough money?  Do I have the skills to support my team members?  Will I EVER learn to "roll" my letter "r" as I attempt to learn some Spanish words?   With each meeting I attend, my excitement in this adventure grows.   A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.  All donations will help provide needed supplies and will reduce some of the cost of traveling to Guatemala. 



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