Chris Pappas

Guatemala Education Team 2019

$2,500.00 raised to date

Trip to Guatemala

I am headed to Guatemala in July of 2019. We will be providing professional development training for local educators in Guatemala City in a garbage dump community and Chiquimula, Guatemala. These teachers have little to no access to training and resources. I have taken previous trips to Peru and Honduras for professional development and found it to an unforgettable experience. I discovered that offering a helping hand with the expectation to work alongside those in less fortunate circumstances is a humbling, yet inspiring experience. A friendly smile with an open heart goes a long way to building a relationship, despite language barriers, in an extremely short time. We hope to provide some simple tips and instruction to the teachers to help them grow their expertise, build confidence and expand their teaching abilities to help in their own community. I am excited to join a new team and grow my experiences in a different area. Your donation will help with needed supplies and help to reduce some of the cost of traveling to Guatemala. 



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