Lauren Kenny

Guatemala Education Team 2019

$1,800.00 raised to date

Teachers Supporting Teachers

Dear Family and Friends,

I am truly blessed to have traveled with INGAGE over the past two summers to South Africa, Guatemala, and Honduras.  It has been through these opportunities I have discovered the education profession is even more rewarding and inspiring all across the world.    

After reflecting on my trips, I have decided to travel back to Guatemala again summer to continue the work we started with the teachers last year.  Our team this summer consists of my Barrington colleagues as well as former teachers from the surrounding area.  I am excited to once again learn and grow alongside other amazing professionals.

I experienced first-hand the stunning statistics about Guatemala's population of 15 million is considered one of the poorest in Latin America.  Nearly 25% of the country’s population is illiterate, ranking Guatemala 174th out of 194 countries in terms of literacy rate.  The average length of schooling in Guatemala is four years; only three in ten children graduate from sixth grade.

These statistics are truly heartbreaking and one of several reasons why I want to continue the relationships I started last summer.  Through INGAGE Unlimited, our team will continue to provide training to educators at multiple schools in the surrounding communities, who rarely, if ever, receive professional development.  We will work alongside Potter's House - a fantastic organization who has been providing support for both families and educators for several years. I am excited to work alongside these teachers to help support them and their students as best as possible, but I need your help!  

Our trips are fully self-funded and each team member has been asked to raise the necessary funds to cover the expenses for this serving opportunity.  I am hoping you will join my support team and help me to raise these funds! This is a volunteer service trip facilitated by the non-profit organization INGAGE Unlimited, so all donations are tax deductible.

I am looking forward to yet another humbling and exciting opportunity this summer.  I will send an update following my trip to share my experience with you. Thank you so much for your consideration!  

With much love and sincere gratitude,  


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